Our Response to Coronavirus

Due to current UK Government restrictions we are currently closed for anything other than Essential Travel*.

We are accepting new leisure/tourism bookings from 1st June 2020 onwards and have introduced a new much more flexible cancellation policy for bookings on our standard rate until the end of the year, enabling you make any changes or cancellations right up 1 day before arrival, with no cancellation charge or penalty.


*If you are in Brighton for Essential Work / Essential Travel (eg. you are a Key Worker or are supporting a Vulnerable Person) and need help with accommodation at any time, then please do Contact Us directly and we will do our very best to help.  We are located approx. 10 minutes walk from the Royal Sussex County Hospital and 10 minutes walk to Brighton Police Station.


We have introduced a new Coronavirus Cancellation & Change Policy, meaning for all existing bookings (made before 30th March 2020) guests now have the option to date change any restricted booking to new dates up 31st March 2021.  For new bookings (made after 1st April 2020) we have introduced new more flexible cancellation policies for standard rate bookings (free cancellation up until 1 day before check-in) and also for Special Event bookings (Pride, August Bank Holiday, Marathon & Liberal Party Conference).  See the full policy below for details and we ask our guests to take these new cancellation policies into account before making any new bookings.  

We have introduced a number of additional Cleanliness and Hygiene measures, on top of our normal cleaning practices, plus Social Distancing measures, which we must all now follow to help combat the spread of this disease.  This includes unfortunately our Breakfast Service has been withdrawn and we're operating on a Room Only basis until further notice, however there are several supermarkets and cafes offering take-aways within a minutes or two's walk from the hotel.


We Are Still Open however, despite these immense challenges and changes to our business to support the fight against Coronavirus.  We have a well developed plan to lead our business and to support our staff, through these difficult times and you can be confident that all the team at Red Brighton Blue will be here for you during and after this crisis offering clean, well run, high quality accommodation in Brighton.

Our Coronavirus Cancellation & Change Policy

We’re trying to do the best we can to balance the concerns & impacts on our customers, on our staff and on ourselves as a small business and in light of the difficult situation facing us all, therefore:-




Flexible Bookings Can Be Cancelled and Refunded on Request
Many bookings with us have full flexibility and you can ask for them to be changed or cancelled with no charge if you do so a certain number of days before your check-in date and if you have paid anything in advance for these bookings it will be refunded to you.  Please check the details of your Booking Confirmation email or ask us if you're not sure.

If you have a flexible booking and would like to cancel, please let us know.


Restricted Bookings Can Be Re-Booked for New Dates up to 31/03/21
If your booking or any part of it is restricted, as detailed on your original booking confirmation, either because you are within the last days before check-in, or you opted for a discounted non-changeable non-refundable rate, or if you have booked for a special event in Brighton and the first night of your booking was required as a non-changeable, non-refundable deposit, we are offering you the option to date change your booking.

You can make an equivalent booking with us, as detailed below, for any dates until 31st March 2021, subject to availability and any change in rate/supplement for the new dates you choose, plus if your original booking had any validity restrictions these same restrictions will continue to apply.

We're sorry but we are unable to offer any refunds for any payments already made for bookings that are now restricted. 

Please note, your new rebooked booking must be:-

  • -   made directly with us
  • -   made at least 14 days in advance of check in (anything less will be at our absolute discretion)
  • -   according to the same booking validity/restrictions, if any applied to your original booking
  • -   subject to availability
  • -   for one new booking only (you cannot split your existing booking into multiple new bookings)
  • -   for yourself (it is not transferrable)
  • -   non-changeable non-refundable once put back in the diary
  • -   on a room only basis only, ie. without breakfast, due to current Government guidelines.  If we are able to safely bring back a breakfast service and your original booking included breakfast, then this will automatically be added to your new booking with no extra charge

Please note that this flexibility is offered as a gesture of goodwill by Red Brighton Blue directly and is not reliant on the booking website or voucher company and you do not therefore need to contact or pay anything to any other company in respect of our moving your booking to later dates.


Or Keep Your Booking As a Credit to be Used Before 31/03/21
Alternatively if you’re currently unsure and don’t want to commit to new dates we can hold a credit for you for your booking and anything you've already paid, to use on any stay with us until 31st March 2021. Any credits held, must be used on stays checking in on or before 31st March 2021, after which all credits for anything you've paid or vouchers used will expire.  The same guidelines to rebooking, as detailed above, will apply.


Breakfast Not Currently Available (But We'll Bring it Back if we Can)
Also please be aware that due to guidelines we are currently unable to offer breakfast, so your booking will now be Room Only.  There are however several cafes offering take aways and supermarkets within a minute or two walk from the hotel.  We apologise for this and we're sorry we are unable to offer any refund or further discount in the rate you have paid if no breakfast is available.  If we are able to safely bring back a breakfast service and breakfast was included in your original booking, this will automatically be added to your rebooked booking with no additional charge.

We're Closed for our Winter Closure 21/12/20 through to 29/01/21
Please also be aware that our business usually has a winter shut down every January, so we’re currently scheduled to be closed from 21st December 2020 until 29th January 2021 and can’t take bookings during these dates.




Now that Coronavirus is here and we are more familiar with lockdowns and the risk of having movements restricted and events cancelled, we're trying to offer guests the most flexibility possible, whilst still managing demand fairly for the few special events in Brighton, which might or might not now take place.  We ask guests to take into account these cancellation policies for new bookings and to book accordingly:-  


All Bookings on our Standard Rate Will Now Be Flexible Until 1 Day Before Check-In and sold on a Room Only Basis
No charge to change or cancel your booking, right up to 1 day of arrival, giving you the maximum flexibility we possibly can.

Plus, as we're currently unable to offer a breakfast service, our prices have been reduced and are sold on a room only basis.  There are however several cafes offering take aways and supermarkets within a minute or two walk from the hotel.  If we are able to safely bring back a breakfast service you'll be able to add this onto your booking at check-in for a small additional charge.


New Special Event Rate for Bookings for Selected Special Events in Brighton - For the following special events

  • Pride 30JUL-02AUG20
  • August Bank Holiday 27AUG-30AUG20
  • Brighton Marathon (Rescheduled) 20SEP20
  • Liberal Party Conference 26SEP-28SEP20

First night will be charged as a non-changeable non-refundable deposit at the time of booking and this will remain non-changeable non-refundable, even if you fall ill or have to self-isolate and are not able to come.  Please do not make bookings therefore for these special events until such time as you are ready make this commitment.

The balance of your booking will be flexible with no additional charge up until 3 days before check-in, at which point it will be collected from your card and will then also be non-changeable and non-refundable, even if you fall ill or have to self-isolate.  If we are unable to collect the balance from your card 3 days before check-in, your booking will be automatically cancelled, you will forfeit your deposit and the room will re-sold.

If the event is officially cancelled or movement is restricted by Government order either in Brighton or in the area you live - and only in these circumstances, not if you individually are unable to come - you will be able to use anything that you have paid as a credit towards a booking with us for the equivalent event in 2021 (or if the event is not taking place in 2021, you'll be able to use it towards other bookings with us in 2021).

If you do fall ill or have to self-isolate at the last minute, please get in touch with us as soon as you can to discuss.  We may be able to offer you some element of credit to use on future bookings, if we are able to re-sell your room, but this will be at our absolute discretion.

We are sorry that we have to put any restrictions onto bookings during these next few months, but demand for these special events is so high that if we didn't put any restrictions in place, the commercial risk for us would be too much to bear.  We hope you understand and feel that the modified cancellation policy for these special events is a fair compromise).


Additional Hygiene, Cleaning & Social Distancing Measures


Extra Hygiene & Cleaning

In addition to our normal high standards of cleaning, we have introduced additional hygiene measures to our procedures for cleaning guest rooms and public areas.


Guest Bedrooms & Bathrooms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised between guests, following the latest Government guidelines.

  • -   Staff wash hands frequently throughout day and before servicing or changing each guest bedroom 
  • -   All key surfaces in guest bedrooms and bathroom and all guest crockery & glassware are sanitised for each new guest


Key Public Areas are regularly cleaned throughout the day in order to prevent transmission of the virus.

  • -   All public area door handles, stair banister, all table & reception desk surfaces 
  • -   Door bells, key box and PDQ machine
  • -   Closure of our public area WC


Social Distancing

To support Social Distancing we have introduced the following new measures, to help reduce transmission of Coronavirus.


Breakfast Service

  • -   We're currently unable to offer breakfast, so all bookings are now on a Room Only basis.
  • -   If we are able to bring back a breakfast service we will let you know upon check-in and this may well be with a lower density of tables in the dining room and an amended self-service format. 

New Low Contact Check-In Procedure

  • -   Self-service check-in will be used as standard, where possible
  • -   For face to face check-ins we have dispensed with forms and will take any additional information required from you directly
  • -   Payments will be processed as telephone bookings, removing the need for you to use the PDQ machine
  • -   Key cards cleaned before use by each guest
  • -   Maps, Parking Vouchers & Maps are still available, but now only on a self-service basis 

We Are Still Open!

Despite the challenges facing us, we are however still open providing accommodation - for Essential Travel only in the next few weeks -
and for leisure and tourism bookings as well after 1st June 2020.

We completely support the Government's plan to manage Coronavirus and are doing everything we can
to follow the guidelines for ourselves, our guests and our staff.

We have a carefully considered plan for our business to lead us through these difficult times and we are confident
that we will all come through this together - stronger, more united and more determined than ever.

When it's safe to travel in the UK, we continue to offer clean, comfortable, high quality accommodation
by the seaside in Brighton and we would be delighted to welcome you!